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I. Purpose

The purpose of these guidelines is to document the eligibility of candidates, and the relationship that the selected Youth Ambassador (YA) has to the Seattle Tlingit and Haida Community Council (SCC), the Tlingit and Haida Indian Tribes of Alaska Washington Chapter (WA Chapter) and the Central Council of the Tlingit and Haida Indian Tribes of Alaska (CC).

II. Eligibility

Any candidate for WA Chapter/SCC Youth Ambassador must be between the ages of 18-25 years of age, enrolled to CC and registered to Seattle. The candidate must complete an application by the deadline and be selected by WA Chapter/SCC tribal citizens. The YA must be able to attend chapter meetings and activities (Bylaws Article III, Section IX) and travel with the SCC delegates to attend the annual CC Tribal Assembly in April.

III. Term of Office

The term of office will be one year, starting in April and ending in March.

III. Orientation

Immediately following the selection of the Youth Ambassador he/she will be provided a copy of these guidelines, a copy of the WA Chapter/SCC Officers and Delegates Handbook and be added to the SCC delegate and WA Chapter Administration email distribution lists.

IV. Duties

  • The Youth Ambassador is required to attend WA Chapter/SCC meetings and activities.
  • The Youth Ambassador will travel if required with the SCC delegates to attend the annual CC Tribal Assembly in April.
  • The Youth Ambassador will attend all sessions and events scheduled for the Tribal Assembly and will participate in all activities associated with it.
  • The Youth Ambassador will observe at least two CC Tribal Assembly committees.
  • The Youth Ambassador is expected to serve on at least two WA Chapter/SCC committees, In odd numbered years one of the committees will be the Culture Fair committee.
  • The Youth Ambassador will make an oral and written report to the WA Chapter/SCC tribal citizens at the May regular meeting following the Tribal Assembly.
  • The Youth Ambassador will make a final oral and written report to the WA Chapter/SCC tribal citizens at the March regular meeting. The final report will include recommendations to improve the Youth Ambassador program.

V. Tribal Assembly Travel (if required)

Immediately upon selection the Youth Ambassador will provide the WA Chapter
Executive Board with his/her preferred travel dates, full legal name (as it appear on travel ID), birthday and Alaska Airlines Milage Plan Number (optional) so that airline reservations may be made for travel to the Tribal Assembly as soon as possible.

VI. Tribal Assembly Participation

A request will be made to the Tribal Assembly that the Youth Ambassador be permitted to sit with the SCC delegation. If granted, the Youth Ambassador is not permitted to speak on any business before the assembly on behalf of the SCC and will not have voting privileges.

After having selected at least two committees to observe, the Youth Ambassador will be paired with a committee guide — an SCC delegate committee member who will inform
the YA of meetings, answer questions, etc. — to shadow.

A mentor(s) will be assigned to the Youth Ambassador to provide and overall view of the proceedings, answer questions, etc.

VI. WA Chapter/SCC Responsibilities

WA Chapter/SCC will:

  • Add the YA to the email list, forward appropriate CC Tribal Assembly delegate information and materials, etc. and keep the YA informed about related events.
  • Make air travel arrangements (if required).
  • Facilitate Alaska housing/transportation arrangements.
  • Assign a Tribal Assembly mentor(s).
  • Identify committee guides.
  • Keep the YA informed of all activities of the WA Chapter/SCC.

2022 Youth Ambassador Guidelines

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