The Tlingit & Haida citizens on the Seattle Community‘s official voting list elect delegates to the Central Council of Tlingit & Haida Indian Tribes of Alaska (CCTHITA, Tlingit & Haida) every other year in accordance with the Rules for the Election of Delegates.

The office of delegate is held through Tlingit & Haida. Together, the delegates of each community are the governing body of the tribe during Tribal Assembly. Each community is allotted a delegate for each 200 Citizens of Tlingit & Haida that are on the Official Voting List of their community.

2022-2024 Seattle Tlingit & Haida Community Delegates

  1. Catherine “KashKaani” Edwards
  2. LaVerne “S’eiltin” Wise
  3. Stephanie “Steph” Rainwater
  4. James “Jim” Price
  5. Karen J. Elliot (Lauth)
  6. Andrew J. Strobel (Price)
  7. Joyce Alexander
  8. Kathryn A. Paddock
  9. Janet L.Peele
  10. Jocelyn C. “Cher” Ketah
  11. Kara Mayer (Peele)
  12. Carolyn “Peggy Sue” Heersema
  13. Joey Ketah
  14. Morgan O. Howard
  15. Daphyne K. Albee
  16. Jessica S. “Keinteen” Dominy
  17. Selina Joy Wadsworth Kahlen
  18. Harry G. “Skip” Watson
  19. Patricia “Patti” “Chookenshaa” Allen-Dick
  20. Cecilia Tavoliero
  21. Karen A. “Hltanuu” Nathan
  22. Sam Hanlon
  23. Constance H. “Connie” Simpson Helgesen
  24. Rebecca I. “Becki” Thompson
  25. Voshte I Demmert Gustafson
  26. Stephanie Masterman
  27. Monico A. Ortiz
  28. Miciana A. Hutcherson
  29. Joy E. Weiss

Delegate Candidate Statements