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Delegate Elections

Delegates represent the local Seattle Tlingit & Haida community at the annual Tribal Assembly held in Alaska. Tribal Assembly is typically held in Juneau, but can be held in other communities on non-election years.

This is a position held within Central Council Tlingit & Haida Indian Tribes of Alaska, and as such, the election process is entirely governed by their rules for the election of delegates document.

Responsibilities of Delegates

Tribal Assembly is usually a 3-day event where delegates:

  • elect Executive Council members (in election years)
  • elect the Chief Justice and Associate Justices of the Tribal Court
  • elect the Emerging Leader
  • propose resolutions (prior to the start of Assembly)
  • meet in committees to discuss resolutions, offer amendments of their text, and or recommend their passing or failing
  • vote on resolutions
  • listen and respond to several reports and addresses including:
    • State of the Tribe Address
    • State of Alaska Address
    • CFO Report
    • COO Report
    • Audit Committee Report
    • Tlingit & Haida Tribal Business Corporation Report
    • Emerging Leader Report
    • Introduction of the Budget
    • Standing Committee Reports
    • Tribal Court Report

It is typically held on the third week of April, unless Easter falls on that week (in which case it is held on the fourth week in April). It is held on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday of that week.

Recently, assembly has occurred virtually in a 1 day event or 3 half days due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Documents Related to Delegate Elections

Rules for the Election of Delegates

Declaration of Intent to Serve

CCTHITA Delegate Elections Page

Please check to be sure that you are on the official voting list on the CCTHITA Delegate Elections page.

Timeline for Delegate Elections

Below is an approximate timeline of deadlines for the delegate election process. For exact dates please visit the Central Council Delegate Elections page.

November 1Appoint Local Election Officials
Local Election Officials will be appointed by the Local Community Council by November 1.
November 15Notice of Enrollment Requirements
A notice stating the enrollment process and deadline must be published by November 15.
December 11
Post Official Voting List
The Local Election Officials shall post the alphabetical list of persons eligible to vote in the community by December 11. Rule 7, Section 1
December 11-16Challenge Voting List
Written protest must be submitted to the Local Election Official between December 11-16. The Chairman shall notify Tlingit & Haida of its decision by December 21.
December 22Delegate Allotment Established
Delegates per community shall be determined based on voter registry as of December 22.
February 1Notice of Delegate Election
Each Local Election Official shall publish a notice of Delegate Election no later than February 1, specifying the date of Delegate Election, location and hours for polling, nomination of candidates, and procedures for voting including those for absentee voting.
February 5Nominations
Nomination lists must be submitted to Tlingit & Haida by February 5. Nominations shall be made in regular or special meetings called for that purpose.
February 12List of Nominated Candidates
A complete list of nominated candidates will be published by February 12.
Third Thursday in MarchSubmit Delegate Election Report
A written report will be posted as soon as results are known or no later than close of business the following workday.
Monday Following Delegate ElectionChallenge Delegate Election
Candidates may challenge the election in writing to the President of Tlingit & Haida and/or the Chairman of a duly constituted Election Committee of Tlingit & Haida no later than 4:30 p.m. Alaska Time on the Monday following a Delegate election. Grounds for protest must be listed and substantiating evidence must be included.
All challenges must be addressed to: President, Tlingit & Haida, 320 W. Willoughby Ave., Suite 300, Juneau AK 99801.